About Project

Many years people could not imagine their life without electricity and light. The Humanity built many power stations and invented a big number of the ways to make the world bright. But what if the night will come suddenly?

TurnOn is a 2,5D side-scroller platformer game, a story about a small electrical spark called Turnon which is trying to restore electricity in the city and to help it's citizens.

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Easy to Learn gameplay, which is clear for everyone:

- Exploration mode - travel in de-energized city, restore lights and electricity. Gameplay like in adventure platformers;

- Music-speed mode - run and jump in the rhythm of the music. Gameplay like mix of Guitar Hero and Rayman Legends;

FEATURES: Virtual Reality support for mobile phones: players can use their Windows Phone as screen for Virtual Reality headset with our game (http://bit.ly/WinP8VR).
ENGINE: Unity3D;
MONETIZATION: Freemium model (1 Episode for free), In-App purchase of next episodes;
SOCIAL FEATURES: Facebook Connect, Twitter integration, Social interaction;
DEVELOPMENT STATE: 01.2014 - 02.2015 (Release)

Project Description

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